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Kalamata Reserve EVOO- Robust- High Phenol

Price: $21.00

 Kalamata Robust EVOO-High Phenol
This limited production early Kalamata has immediate peppery sensations at the back of the throat followed by a spicy mouth feel and a Szechuan peppercorn sensation. the combination of picking green,unripe fruit and minimal processing resulted in high antioxidant content. Flavor notes include creamy green almond and flora confectionery notes, high complexity and balance.

Biophenols:  547.9*ppm     FFA: 0.29*
Oleic Acid: 74.23*     Peroxides: 3.32*
DAGs:90*   PPP: <3.8*
* As measured at time of crush


Fruitness: 5.0*  Bitterness: 3.8*    Pungency: 4.5*

Crush Date: October 2023

Country of origin: Greece

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